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Hypnotherapy is an alternative therapy where focused relaxation is used to create subconscious change in individuals so they may embrace alternative, healthy and helpful ways of thinking, behaving and being.

Reasons people may seek hypnotherapy



My own experience of hypnotherapy has been positively life changing.

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis which is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease in 2007. I often suffered from cramping, pain, burning, nausea, lethargy and those inevitable bathroom visits. This meant some days I couldn’t leave the house and if I did was anxious if something “happened” I became irritable and annoyed at everything. The more anxious and irritable I became the worse my digestive health became and so I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

Hypnotherapy taught me to control both my physical and psychological symptoms breaking the vicious cycle through deep relaxation and hypnotic suggestions. I am now able to use these techniques whenever I need them, wow what a relief! The majority of research is based on IBS although there is now evidence to suggest gut directed hypnotherapy is also suitable for clients with ulcerative colitis (like myself). If you too would like to gain control of your life and experience the freedom hypnotherapy can provide contact me.


“I cant believe its worked….I had been unable to lose weight since having children 15 years ago and now im not hungry, I can sit with friends eating cake and not be tempted and I also started exercising and actually enjoying it!”


“ Thank you for helping me smile again. My anxiety ruled my life and I dreaded that uncomfortable panic feeling that visited often. You have taught me strategies I can use whenever  I need them and hypnotherapy helped me feel relaxed and rested for the first time in a long time”